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Permanent Makeup ( Micropigmentation ); It is the process of placing natural and mineral pigments just below the skin surface with micro, sterile, personalized disposable needles. These pigments (paints) are non-allergenic, specially designed for face and body use, and do not contain additives or fragrances. Permanent make-up should not be confused with tattooing. Depending on the skin structure, it stays on the skin for 1-3 years and preserves its natural appearance. It can create effects that are compatible with your natural skin color on the eyebrows, eyes and lips, as well as some minor imperfections can be covered. Deformities can be corrected. Therefore, a smoother, well-groomed and youthful appearance can be gained.
Eyebrow design with Microblading Bristle Technique (applied manually with the tool)
Micropigmentation Eyebrow Contour (Applied with the device. There are different techniques such as Hair Technique, Shading and Powdering)
Application time : 120 minutes
(Full) Shaded Lips
Strong and Colorful Lips
Application time : 120 minutes
Baby Liner
Application time: 90 minutes
Poorly made, faulty, old or unwanted permanent make-up; Using a special solution, it is fed under the skin with a device and professional techniques. It is ensured that the pigment (paint) under the skin is removed and disposed of on the skin without damaging the skin. It does not create scars (pits) on the skin. Even in a single session, clear results of up to 70% are obtained in lightening the permanent make-up color. The session intervals are 30 days, and the session intervals for very sensitive skin are 40 days.
Application time: 30-60 minutes

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