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Don't let your neck and décolleté area reveal your age...

The neck and décolleté are the parts of the body that need the most care and attention. Being directly affected by the sun's rays and fighting against gravity makes the neck and décolleté area much more important. Because the most easily drying, wrinkled and stained areas are the neck and décolleté. In particular, sagging and wrinkles, which are among the most aesthetic concerns of people, can result in serious deformations.
The reason why the neck and décolleté area is affected much faster by time and other external factors is the absence of the lower epidermis layer and the lack of muscle structure. The neck and décolleté area, which covers a wide area from the chin to the chest, takes the center of gravity of the chest alone and is also affected by all arm movements. In addition, the thin skin layer of this region accelerates the wear process. At this point, neck and décolleté care will reduce existing problems and prevent potential problems.

How to Care for Neck and Decollete?
It is a special care applied with a dermaroller to minimize wrinkles, loss of elasticity and tissue aging on the neck and décolleté. Neck and décolleté care, which is applied for an average of 7 sessions, is performed once a week. Neck and décolleté care applied by professionals;
In the removal of pearl lines that occur with the decrease of collagen and elastin fibers over time,
In reducing wrinkles,
In tightening sagging,
Reducing acne and acne scars,
It creates effective results in the loss of skin and subcutaneous tissue.

How to Protect the Neck and Decollete Area?
In order for décolleté care to be effective, there are many elements that individuals should pay attention to in daily life. These;
The effects of the sun on the skin should not be denied and sunscreen should be used regardless of the season.
The care shown to the face should also be shown to the neck and décolleté area, and appropriate creams should be used,
The importance of the relationship between skin health and nutrition should be understood, more space should be made for skin-friendly foods,
Attention should be paid to water consumption, at least two liters of water should be drunk during the day,
Care should be taken to stand upright, and thin marks should be prevented from turning into permanent lines.


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