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Would you like to swim in a pool whose water is changed daily, or in a pool that is changed weekly? Of course, we would like to swim in a pool whose water is changed every day. If we compare the body's lymph system to this, we will not make many mistakes. The faster the lymphatic system of the body, the less we will be exposed to the harmful accumulated in the body.
In edema that occurs in the body after the disease,
In removing cellulite,
In weight loss treatments - as a support,
In the removal of varicose veins after pregnancy - as a support and after the recovery period,
In the removal of toxins accumulated in the body,
It is widely used as therapeutic and supportive.


IS LYMPH DRAINAGE EDEMA TREATMENT APPLIED TO EVERY PERSON? It is a form of treatment that already covers the whole body due to drainage application. Therefore, it is applied to the whole body. There is no problem in the regional sense. NUMBER OF LYMPH DRAINAGE SESSIONS Lymph drainage edema treatment, the number of sessions varies according to the type of treatment and from person to person. When the treatment is done as a support, the number of sessions is determined according to the actual treatment type. It is possible to get results after an average of 10 - 15 sessions in cellulite treatments. LYMPH DRAINAGE SESSION DURATION AND SESSION INTERVALSLymph Drainage sessions take approximately 20 - 25 minutes. in progress. Applications are made at intervals of 2-3 days depending on the person. FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Does lymph drainage cause any harm to the body? No clinical studies have been found to show that it is harmful so far. Is lymph drainage a painful / painful treatment? There is absolutely no pain or pain during the application. you don't hear. If you wish, you can read newspapers, magazines and spend time with your tablet during the treatment… Is there any side effect of lymph drainage? It does not have any side effects.

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