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What is New Generation Micro Plus?

  Micro Plus is a specially developed electrotherapy device that is used at the highest level by combining with micro and galvanic current. It is the only system with the most secure technology among its peers. It is effective where there are local weight problems. It provides the body to regain its natural form. It helps to remove cellulite, renew and repair the connective tissues of weakened fibers. By increasing the connective tissue activity, it accelerates the production of collagen and elastin. It renews the skin structure by increasing blood circulation, protein synthesis and accelerating cell metabolism. Thus, the healing and activation provided in the cell regulates the deterioration of the orange peel appearance, which is the effect of cellulite, and helps the tissues in the celluloid area to regain their normal skin texture and tighten the skin.
What Does The New Generation Micro Plus Do?

Tightens the skin
Micro Plus applications are based on stimulating the muscles by giving electrical currents of different wavelengths and help the body to recover itself by creating isometric contractions in the muscles. Muscle tissue first tries to obtain the energy it needs by using ATP. However, since ATP is consumed in a short time, this time the muscles start to use the glycogen and fat in their own tissues and gather energy. Thus, by using energy, we can reduce the fat tissue localized in certain parts of the body. Recovery is achieved by the recovery of regional cellulite. Since the electrical stimulations we give to those areas pass through the skin and reach the muscle, the basic cell of the connective tissue stimulates the fibroplast. This ensures the regeneration and recovery of the skin. The sport effect of this device, which has been specially developed for slimming and body recovery, does not go unnoticed. Micro plus, on the other hand, enables the muscles to activate without doing sports with electrotherapy performed with isometric and isometric contractions. It can be used both to prevent the muscles of the athletes from atrophy and to protect the body's own structure and form when they have a long recovery period after chronic diseases or to support recovery programs. Our direct goal is to stimulate the muscle. Micro Plus provides contraction and creates a direct sports effect. As if doing sports, the body tightens and recovery occurs in the sagging areas.
Abdominal Recovery
Butt Lift
Leg and Leg Tightening
Breast Tightening
Back Wrap
Cellulite Treatment


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