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By suppressing the Tyrosinase enzyme, PRX lightens the color of skin spots, prevents the formation of new spots and re-establishes the melanin balance of the skin. 
PRX is a highly effective skin rejuvenation and renewal system in spot treatment that allows you to say goodbye to the spots that shade the vitality of the skin in a single session. Bringing the skin of dreams for many people who have tried every method for years but could not get rid of the spots, PRX may be the skin rejuvenation and spot treatment system you are looking for. 
The formation of skin spots is due to many reasons and is a problem that we encounter very often even in young skin. It makes the person look older than you are because the spots cause the skin to look lifeless, sick, and shady. In other words, it shadows the vitality and youthfulness of the skin. On the middle-aged or faces with aging effects, it may be difficult to tolerate as the effect of skin spots can be much more severe. 
With the PRX application, we brighten the skin and eliminate shadows. A fresh and glowing skin emerges from under the stained, dead skin. Because of this feature, we also refer to PRX as a skin rejuvenation process. 
PRX, which can be safely applied to men and women of all ages who are unhappy with the spots covering the epidermis, is one of the most powerful applications in spot treatment, with its miraculous effect.  It is a result-oriented and popular application that renews and revitalizes the skin. 
PRX Effective on Stubborn Skin Spots 
Melasma is the most difficult type of skin blemish to treat, which is caused by pregnancy or some hormonal problems, where the staining covers the entire face like a mask. PRX is an application where we can achieve useful results on melasma. While many skin blemishes can be removed in two sessions with PRX, a third or fourth session is usually required in the treatment of melasma. If the staining is very heavy, deep and old, a slightly longer protocol can be applied by combining it with other stain treatments. We would like to state that many women, who have not been able to get rid of their spots for years with these methods, have achieved a spotless skin as they dreamed.  If it is necessary to list other skin spots;
Treatment of Sunspots:
In certain areas such as around the eyes, forehead, upper lip  In the treatment of sunspots, which are darker, large and small spots and color differences throughout the face, PRX usually provides the exact result we want in 2 sessions.
Treatment of Acne Scars:
PRX ; It is the application in which we obtain the most effective results on heavy acne and acne scars from puberty that are pitted on the skin. It easily removes all kinds of light traces. 
Erasing Age Spots:
While age spots, which can sometimes be deeply located between the tissues of the skin, do not bother some people much, they can bother some people because they can indicate age too much. Age spots are one of the types of spots that PRX treats easily.
Elimination of Tonal Difference in Skin:
Conditions such as tone differences, pigmentation spots, darkening can have many causes that vary from person to person. In order for the application to be permanent, for example, if we are talking about dark circles, it may be necessary to see an internist and find out if there is a biological problem. It is very easy to say goodbye to spots, darkening and tone differences with PRX. 
How Does PRX Work?
The biggest effect of PRX is that it suppresses the tyrosinase enzyme. Tyrosinase is the enzyme that turns melanin into dark spots, which is found in the normal structure of the skin - found in the hair root, that is, the follicle, and is the substance that gives the hair root and hair its color. PRX suppresses this enzyme and provides balance in the skin by lightening the tone of skin blemishes.
Thanks to the home care products used for at least 4 months after the application, the skin is nourished, the color of the spots gradually lightens, the renewed skin becomes much more radiant and of high quality. As melanin becomes structurally homogeneous and finds its balance, stain and pigmentation problems are eliminated. 
We can list the advantages of PRX application over other aggressive methods as follows:
It does not contain Trichloroacetic Acid (TCA).
There is no risk of complications.
Severe peeling does not occur. 
It allows us to achieve a strong effect even in a single session.
It has no side effects.
Suitable for men and women of all ages.

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