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Manicure pedicure is a professional application applied periodically by expert estheticians in order to keep our hands, feet and nails healthy, beautiful and clean.
Manicure is the care applied to the hands and pedicure is the care applied to the feet.
With these care
Increases blood circulation in feet and hands.
It reduces the stress in our body.
Massages applied during pedicure procedures help to relax the feet trapped in the shoes.
Thanks to regular care, especially foot health is preserved.
It provides smooth skin and nails.
Increases blood circulation in hands and feet,
Massages applied during pedicure help to relax the feet trapped in the shoes.

Manicure and Pedicure types:
Classic manicure, pedicure
IDM manicure, pedicure: It is a manicure and pedicure application performed to use personalized disposable kits, gloves and socks. These kits, gloves and socks are equipped with additives that soften, moisturize, smooth and comfort hands and feet.
Medical manicure, pedicure: It is the application without cutting tools, with medical devices and special milling tips.
If the practitioner is a podologist, he provides medical treatments such as ingrown nails, diabetic foot care, treatment of calluses, nail fungus treatment, treatment of foot deformities, beyond manicure and pedicure procedures.
Ingrown Nail: It is the nail growing from the inside and entering under the skin. Apart from hereditary features, wearing the wrong shoes is one of the biggest factors. Nails that grow under the nail can cause swelling and infection. It should be treated by specialists. One of the most effective treatment methods is wire and tape application.
Nail Fungus Care: Commonly observed, nail fungus is an annoying condition for both health and cosmetic reasons. Nail fungus can be seen in a single nail or spread to many nails, causing the nails to become discolored, thickened or the edges of the nails crumbled.
In our center, nail fungus care is applied by a podologist.
Missing Nail: Nail fungus or coma, impingement, etc. Treatment is applied to the lower surface of the nail lost due to various reasons, and the nail shape is given by coating it with gel. The nail area is both visually improved and the surface is protected by coating against infections.
Foot Callus Care: Especially in people who walk or stand a lot during the day, some skin diseases can be seen due to the feet constantly waiting in the shoes. Foot calluses, one of the most common among them, is a health problem that occurs due to friction, crushing and similar reasons between the feet and shoes that are not suitable for the foot structure. Foot calluses, which are a very painful and painful condition, are formed as a defense mechanism of the skin against negative external factors. Foot calluses, which develop as the skin hardens and accordingly loses its elasticity, begin to hurt more as they progress and become more difficult to treat. For this reason, if callus formation is observed in any part of the body, it should be treated immediately so that it does not progress.


Nail Coating; It is the process of coating thinned nails with a tendency to breakage and fixing this coating.

- Classic manicure
- Classic pedicure
- idm manicure
- Idm pedicure
- Medical manicure
- Medical pedicure
- Attaching tape
- Wire treatment
- Callus treatment
- lost quotes
- Fungus treatment
- Paraffin hand
- Paraffin foot
- Permanent nail polish hand
- Permanent nail polish feet
- Express hand care
- Express foot care
- Nail coating

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