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Laser epilation is a permanent method that is frequently preferred by men and women to get rid of unwanted hair. Shaving, chemicals, waxing, tweezers and epilators cannot provide a permanent solution. Laser epilation aims to prevent hair re-growth thanks to a technique that destroys the hair root with heat without damaging the skin.
Laser hair removal is a serious procedure that requires expertise. Attention should be paid to the fact that the laser epilation center has the equipment and devices to respond to the different types of lasers decided on.
Laser epilation gives better results on dark hair than on light hair. It is possible to get good results on open hairs and hairs with the right device and the right application.
Before starting laser epilation, the cause of hair growth should also be investigated. In cases of hair growth due to hormonal reasons, this problem should be treated first.
Before Laser Hair Removal
Since laser epilation targets the hair follicles, the roots should not be removed by using tweezers, wax or epilator at least one month beforehand. Information about tanning and solarium should be obtained from a specialist. All recent skin treatments and medications should be transferred to the specialist.
After Laser Hair Removal

After the procedure, creams with a relaxing and restorative effect will be recommended to you. Avoid contact with hot water for 24 hours. Tanning and solarium should be avoided for 15-20 days after the procedure is completed.
In laser epilation, skin type, hair type and application area are the factors taken into consideration in determining the device to be used in laser epilation. Depending on these factors, it may be necessary to use different devices. The systems of the devices are different and the expected result may not be obtained if the appropriate laser epilation device is not used.
Ice Laser Hair Removal Features

  The device got its name from the cold head. It has become popular recently because the cold head reduces the pain sensation of the customer to a minimum level. It can go deep into the skin with its wavelength. For this reason, it is a preferred method in areas with deep hair. Laser wavelength in ice laser is longer than other laser methods, therefore it is also preferred in dark skins. Ice laser, which can be applied to thin and light colored hairs that cannot be applied with other devices, has a wide range of use with these features.

Which parts of the body is it applied to?

Since the cooling cap offers a painless epilation even in the most sensitive areas, it can be safely applied to all body parts.  

  • whole leg

  • whole arm

  • Back

  • Armpit

  • Chest

  • Abdomen – Belly 

  • Bikini area

  • Genital area

  • Face 

Use in the Face Area 

Both light and ergonomic hand probe provides a comfortable epilation in facial applications. On the upper lip and other parts of the face  You can get rid of unwanted hair with the comfort of the ice cap laser. The hairs in the ear and nose are among the hairs that the ice cap laser can destroy most easily. 

Ice Laser Prices 

There should be no difference between the care you receive for your skin and the hygiene and quality conditions you prefer for your health. It is important that applications in contact with the skin are carried out in accordance with general health hygiene procedures.  For this reason, if you ask us, your priority is  It should be seeking service quality and compliance with health conditions, not price.

In ice laser application, prices vary according to the area of application and the number of sessions, just as in laser epilation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ice Laser Hair Removal

1. Is ice laser hair removal effective?

Ice Laser; It is an extremely effective method because it is a version of the ironing epilation method that works by dividing the energy and can go up to 10 beats per second on the same point with less energy. The Ice Laser is both painless and the most successful epilation system, as the division of energy reduces the pain and allows more shots with the same amount of energy.

2. After how many sessions will I get rid of my hair completely?

The most basic feature that distinguishes the ice laser from other laser epilation applications is that we can say goodbye to unwanted hair between 4 and 6 sessions. Long sessions of traditional laser epilation are shortened in ice laser, the process is completed with much less number of applications. Ice laser is a result-oriented, success-guaranteed method.

3. Will the ice laser device see my hairs?

Ice laser technology, which provides a smooth application suitable for all skin types and hair types, including tanned skin, allows us to achieve very successful results on fine hairs.

4. Can I have an ice laser in the summer?

After traditional laser epilation applications, going out in the sun caused sunspots on the skin that are difficult to recover from. Therefore, it was necessary to start the treatment early in the winter so that we could enjoy the sun and the sea with smooth legs in the summer. With the ice laser, it is possible to apply even to your tanned skin, even in the middle of the holiday. This is what makes the ice laser unique and indispensable; All seasons, suitable for all skin types, effective on all hairs.

5. How long does an ice laser session take on average?

There are two factors that determine the session length. These vary depending on the area where the application will be made and the weight status of the person. Average times; whole body 45-60 minutes, legs 25-30 minutes, armpit 5-10 minutes, face 5-10 minutes and arm region 15-20 minutes.

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