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Dermapen Mesopen; It is an effective anti-aging skin care treatment on acne scars, sagging and cracks, supporting collagen production in the skin with micro needles.
Among the anti-aging treatments, the dermapen price stands out as one of the most affordable treatments. Dermapen therapy, which has a very old history, can be explained as the use of acupuncture method in skin rejuvenation. Thanks to dermapen skin care made with Dermapen needles, micro needles that stimulate the subcutaneous tissues while nourishing the skin deeply, support collagen production and increase the elasticity of the skin.
The biggest advantage of the method, also known as Dermapen, Mesotherapy, is that it allows the solutions, vitamins and serums used to nourish the skin to reach the deep subcutaneous layer easily. Dermapen needles deliver the serum and vitamins needed by the skin directly to the subcutaneous tissues. Thus, all layers of the skin are highly nourished and rejuvenated. 
Dermapen is a modernized version of a traditional application that we use especially as an anti-aging skin care because it is a natural skin rejuvenation method, and is popular because it protects the skin against aging. 
What is Dermapen?
Dermapen, a dermatologically proven, internationally award-winning skin rejuvenation method, can be described as encouraging the skin to reconstruct itself with micro needling. In order to repair the controlled injury, which is applied in a way that does not damage the epidermis, the skin has to produce collagen cells. This repair process is supported by feeding deep tissue with hyaluronic acid, vitamins and serums. Thus, a skin renewal and rejuvenation process from the dermis to the epidermis is initiated.
With Dermapen treatment; 
Fine wrinkles disappear completely.
The skin becomes taut and looks younger.
The appearance of acne scars lightens or disappears completely.
It is effective on sagging, skin tightens.
Provides high anti-aging protection, slows down aging.
It tightens the pores, strengthens the epidermis. 
It activates blood circulation, we can achieve a much more vibrant skin.
The most successful results are achieved in the treatment of cracks.
How is Dermapen Applied?
We can summarize the working principle of Dermapen, which is mostly used on the face, as creating controlled damage to the skin surface and deep skin. Personalized disposable tips consist of 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm long micro needles. It is possible to adjust the depth at which derma needles of different lengths will act. For example, in deep or raised acne scars, dermapen needles require a much deeper impact area. 
The application takes about 25-30 minutes. The serum selected in accordance with the needs of the skin, hundreds of micro-channels are opened on the skin surface with the tips of the dermapen device acting at varying depths. As the needles rotate and sink into the skin at a certain angle, the vibration emitted by the device relieves the treatment and ensures the least damage to the skin. 
Dermapen; It is a procedure performed using local anesthetic creams and during the procedure, skin reddening and bleeding is an expected result, but within three to four hours this flushing and/or bleeding is significantly damped. It is important that the skin is not exposed to the sun directly after the application. Although it is necessary to refrain from applying make-up to use concealer for a few days, it would be more accurate to say that dermapen application is an application that you need to be sensitive to your skin, not that you need to take a break from social life.
Skin Care and Anti-Aging with Dermapen
Aging is the slowdown of all other systems, especially the circulatory system, and the dermapen enables us to obtain a more vibrant skin by activating the blood circulation. It activates the tissue layers that make up the skin by stimulating the surface and deep tissues. Activates to heal micro-wounds produce connective tissue collagen and thus rejuvenation is achieved in the natural course of the skin. 
When we make collagen production continuous, we stop aging when the skin has as much collagen as it needs. The biggest reason for sagging that makes the expression look old is loss of elasticity and  The underlying reason is the deformation in the connective tissue of the skin, which can no longer produce collagen as before. Collagen intake from the outside also fulfills other needs in any part of the body.  The effect on skin rejuvenation may take time or  may be insufficient. Dermapen provides rejuvenation of the skin by triggering collagen cell production by using the body's own resources at a high rate in the area where it is applied directly. 
With Dermapen skin care, fine lines and wrinkles are largely eliminated, and the appearance of deep lines is alleviated. The tired and old expression on the face, which is tense and tightened, dissipates. You get a fresh and youthful face and a revitalized face. 
It is safe for men and women of all ages as it has no side effects. Up to 1 to 6 sessions can be planned.
Treatment of Acne Scars with Dermapen
Most of the time, scarring while closing injuries is a common situation in the body's healing processes.  Damaged or intervened acne, wound healing  passes through the process in a way that leaves a trace. Dermapen is one of the skin resurfacing treatments that works best on acne scars and acne scars. At the end of the scar treatment supported with various vitamins, acids and serums, the dimpled and wavy appearance is largely removed.
Find out more about the treatment on our Acne and Pimple Scar Treatment page.
In accordance with the severity of the case  The number of sessions and the application period are planned. By combining the treatment of acne scars with Dermapen with other skin rejuvenation methods, we can achieve much better results and complete the treatment in a shorter time. Men and women who have left their puberty behind are suitable candidates for dermapen application.  Pregnancy and hematological diseases are conditions that hinder the application of dermapen. If you have any blood disease, be sure to share this information with your clinic, dermatologist or dermatologist. 
To list the situations that are not suitable for Dermapen treatment; 
Rose disease.
Active acne condition.
Open wounds.
Sunburn in the healing process.
Stretch Mark, Sagging and Pigmentation Treatment with Dermapen
Although Dermapen is not a skin peeling procedure, it can provide satisfactory results in the treatment of mild pigmentation problems. The effect varies depending on the skin structure and the layers of the staining, but the patient and the physician are generally satisfied with the treatment of non-deep stains. 
It is a very effective and natural method in the treatment of stretch marks. The patient should be informed that it requires a more aggressive application. If the application area is very wide, support can be taken from the dermapen to alleviate deep cracks and it can be preferred to be used in combination with other crack treatment methods. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Dermapen
1. Who are suitable candidates for Dermapen?
For acne treatment, puberty or active acne must have passed. There is no age limit in Dermapen application. It is a suitable treatment for all men and women who want to stay young and get rid of the effects of aging.
2. Is there a time to apply Dermapen?
FDA-approved dermapen is a reliable skin care and rejuvenation method that can be used in all seasons.
3. What does Dermapen do?
Cares that nourish the skin deeply with vitamins and acids, skin renewal and rejuvenation, treatment of acne scars are areas where dermapen is widely used and successful results are achieved.

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