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Regional adiposity caused by genetic factors and  resident weights in a certain area depending on body type  In treatment, the EMS CIRC SLIM inactive muscle building application allows us to achieve miraculous results. 
EMS CIRC SLIM, which applies intense physical exercise through high-intensity electromagnetic waves on the focused muscle or muscle group in as little as 30 minutes, supports regional fat burning by increasing muscle density, thus providing regional slimming and thinning. 
EMS CIRC SLIM; It is also preferred to support sports activities, aesthetics and fit image among men and women who are already doing sports regularly and do not have weight problems or regional lubrication problems.
Since it is a highly effective, result-oriented and powerful treatment method, it can be used alone or combined with other methods, especially with high heat applications that activate collagen production and tighten elastin fibers.
EMS CIRC SLIM device is applied to the muscles in the desired area quickly and healthily.
  exercise in extreme numbers for us  doing the impossible, making a dream come true. 

1) Burns Fat:
Obesity can be thought of as the body's storage of fat that it cannot burn in the event that the calories consumed daily and the calories expended are not balanced. Intense exercise allows the fat accumulated in the body to be used as energy. In addition, EMS CIRC SLIM continues to support fat burning for a long time as it accelerates metabolism.
The greatest effect of exercises is to increase the amount of oxygen in all tissues, activating the blood circulation and stimulating the lymph drainage system. Because circulatory disorder causes the growth of adipose tissue, when the lymph drainage system does not work well, excess fat and other wastes cannot be discharged from the body and are stored. EMS CIRC SLIM, with its direct effect on adipose tissue and metabolic results, is the most effective application that provides maximum fat burning among device systems.

2) Muscle Strengthens:
Em Slim with application options such as Hiit+Hypertrophy (Combo 1), Hypertrophy+Strength (Combo 2), Muscle Strength Increasing, Muscle Growth, High Intensity Interval Training, abs, glutes, shoulders and arms, front and back It is an effective muscle strengthening device that increases muscle mass thanks to the exercise programs that work on the leg muscles separately. Exercises can be programmed specifically for each muscle and muscle group, and even muscle groups that are difficult to reach by doing sports can be worked easily in this way.  

Advantages of EMSCIRC SLIM Application 
We can say that the secret of the success of EMS CIRC SLIM is that HI-EMT technology (high-intensity electromagnetic technology) enables us to achieve supramaximal contractions. Supramaximal contractions are contractions that last longer than normal. When the muscles adapt to hold this tension for a long time, they get stronger much easier and faster, so the muscle mass continues to grow. 
We can list the changes we can achieve in the body with the EMS CIRC SLIM application as follows;  
Provides regional thinning.
It activates blood circulation.
It supports the lymphatic drainage system.
It increases the metabolic rate.
It helps balance the body mass index.

Although the number of sessions varies according to the application area, after the completion of the EMS CIRC SLIM protocol, which is generally prepared for 4 to 8 sessions, 1-2 applications per week, for protection purposes.  It can be repeated once a year. Healthy men and women of all ages can apply to our clinic to have the physique they want with EMS CIRC SLIM.
EMS CIRC SLIM new generation high-intensity electromagnetic technology and the advantages of body restructuring application;
It is a non-surgical body shaping and regional slimming method. 
Recovery periods are not required.
You do not need to take a break from social and business life.
It provides thinning and tightening without leaving any incisions and scars.

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