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G5 massage is applied with the help of a special device, which is a rhythmic massager. The device, which provides tightening through rapid vibrations, is very effective in the treatment of cellulite. The G5 application, which is especially used in cellulite treatment and regional slimming, also provides the removal of lactic acid and edema accumulated in the muscles. It can also be used in spasm treatments as it accelerates blood flow.
Sessions and application areas of the G5 massage
G5 massage consists of 10-15 sessions, lasting 20-25 minutes, depending on body characteristics. G5 massage, which can be applied to every part of the body, is a process that can be applied to the whole body. However, the upper leg, hip, butt and arm regions, where the most effective results are obtained, are more preferred.
G5 massage has the feature of supporting regional slimming when applied in combination with regional slimming methods such as lymph drainage.

How is the G5 massage applied?
G5 massage is applied with a massage device that applies rhythmic vibrations and pushing force through its specially designed heads that contain heads suitable for every skin type. The G5 device, which applies vibration and pushing force on the application area, is one of the methods used in cellulite treatments for many years.
In G5 massage, the application of herbal aromatherapy oils to the application area increases the effect of the procedure visibly.

In which situations can G5 massage be preferred?
Cellulite treatment, regional slimming, skin tightening and recovery, regional circulation acceleration, fat burning areas are among the situations where G5 massage is preferred.
One of the most important points in the G5 massage is that the person performing the application is experienced, educated and knowledgeable. Otherwise, by working the wrong muscles, the application will not yield results and various health problems may be triggered.

Advantages of G5 massage It is 10 times more effective and powerful than manual massages. It provides burning of excess fat accumulated in the body. It creates a recovery effect on the skin. It provides regional slimming. It removes cellulite. It reduces physical stress. It increases the mobility of muscles and joints. It regulates regional circulation. It ensures the removal of lactic acid accumulated in the muscles due to fatigue from the body, relieves spasms. It has edema and toxin-releasing properties. It gives flexibility to the skin. It removes the problem of bone pain. It reduces stress. It accelerates metabolism.

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