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Salmon DNA Application (Protein)
Proteins are the building blocks of cells. They are the main substances used in the production of new cells, and our body cannot produce it on its own and we must get it from outside. Salmon, which is rich in protein, contains proteins necessary for new cells to be made in our skin. With the proteins to be given into the skin, it is ensured that the cells get the building blocks they need. Thus, the skin is moisturized, tightened, gains clarity and shine, and is resistant to aging. It is often applied to the middle age group (40 years and older) and people with dry skin structure. The frequency of application varies according to the skin structure and age of the person.
The procedure does not require anesthesia. It is applied over the skin. The process takes about 10-15 minutes. It can increase acne breakouts in some skin structures. The person continues his daily life. The net result is seen after 1 week. To be repeated in 1 month according to the needs of the skin  must.

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