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What We Always Skip But The Important Thing
Back Care
When it comes to care, the first thing that comes to our minds is the face, hair, make-up, but of course, care is not just about them. Since we are really well-groomed will ensure that we have a healthy skin, we should also take care of our entire body.
When it comes to body care, the area that can challenge us the most may be back care. How should back care be? One of the first questions that comes to our mind is…
The back is more oily than other parts of our body and if it is not cleaned regularly, oil, dirt and dead skin particles accumulate in the pores. For this reason, the formation of acne and blackheads increases.
Since it is difficult to reach and care for your own back correctly, back care is usually done by specialists in beauty centers. In Ville Esthetique, all care procedures are carried out in detail and meticulously, just like your facial care. Using products suitable for your skin type, your skin is cleaned first, and then back care is started with suitable products. All products are applied with massage. Thus, your muscles and skin are relieved by reducing the stress.  In this way, a high level of absorption of the products used is ensured.
Regular back care will help you get rid of your acne and acne problems, and you will have a smoother and perfect back.

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