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Carbon Peeling; It is one of the best skin care applications that use carbon solution and Q-Switch laser, renewing the skin, removing spots and rejuvenating it.
Stains, acne scars, a pale skin that has lost its vitality are the most common reasons why men and women of all ages are dissatisfied with their mirror image. Carbon peeling laser, which is one of the greatest gifts of laser technologies to medical aesthetics, is a great skin care that can eliminate all these.
Even if the most important issue of skin care seems to be fighting wrinkles; When we look at a skin that is free from stains, gained a healthy vitality, free from tonal differences, and refreshed with carbon peeling treatment, you can notice that fine wrinkles are not that noticeable.
During the application, the Q-Swich laser activates the fibroblast cells as it stimulates the connective tissue, thereby triggering the skin's youth source collagen production and increasing the elasticity of the tissue. 
You should meet this treatment to get rid of the spots that cast a shadow on your beauty, take the glow of your skin and the vibrant color of youth, and settle in the epidermis.
What is Carbon Peeling?
Working with the principle of renewing and rejuvenating, carbon peeling; It is a powerful skin care system that allows us to achieve effective results in a very short time in the removal of skin blemishes caused by various reasons, in the tightening of enlarged pores, in the treatment of acne and acne scars.
The Q-Switch laser, with its superior technological features, solves the pigmentation and pore problems during application, while triggering the self-repairing abilities of the skin with its effect on the dermis tissue, it makes carbon peeling multifunctional.
How is Carbon Peeling Applied?
Before the carbon peeling application, the skin is cleaned. 
The carbon solution is applied in a thin layer to the entire skin, avoiding the eye area. Wait 15 minutes for the solution to dry.
During the examination, in accordance with the program created by the specialist according to the needs of the skin.  Carbon is removed from the skin with laser pulses. 
After the procedure is completed, the skin surface is cleaned, the treatment is terminated with appropriate care creams and sunscreen. 
Who is Carbon Peeling for?
All young girls and boys who have experienced acne problems, who have passed adolescence, men of all ages who want to permanently treat any skin problems and look younger, women of all ages who are not pregnant or breastfeeding can rejuvenate with carbon peeling, improve skin problems, have a well-groomed and pleasant face. they may be.
Is Carbon Peeling Harmful?
This process, which is FDA-approved, can be used safely even on sensitive skin, gently renews the skin with its low peeling effect, is a highly satisfied application. Carbon peeling is among the skin care treatments with long-lasting effects.  


Can Men Have a Carbon Peel?
Although women are mostly among those who have carbon peeling, men also prefer carbon skin care especially for getting rid of acne scars on the cheeks and for acne and blackhead treatments.

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