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Comedone treatment is the cleaning of black and white spots on the face with skin care devices such as local peeling or Hydrafacial. 
What is a comedon?
There are two types of comedones, open comedones and closed comedones.  Almost everyone has black or white comedones in oily areas of the face such as the nose, chin, neck, and forehead. Comedones, which are thought to be limited to blackheads, are often ignored because they are not as prominent and reddish as pimples, whereas comedones treatment is one of the most common skin problems in dermatology and skin care. 
Sebum sebaceous glands located in the hair follicles secrete sebum to protect the skin. Pores owe their elasticity and skin self-renewal ability to sebum secretion.  But many skin problems  On the basis of this, again, this summer diaper, excessive or insufficient work lies.
Due to excessive sebum production, the oil balance of the skin is disturbed and the pores are enlarged. With the dirt and dead skin particles surrounding the skin, filling the enlarged pores  black or white, which we call microcomedone  points are formed. These spots, which are too small to be seen with the naked eye at first, turn into a rough structure that can be felt and seen on the surface of the skin over time. Comedones are the progress of the black and white microcomedans that make up this rough tissue. 
Open Comedones (Blackheads)
In open comedones, known as blackheads, the pore is openly filled and the tip is out. It becomes black in color due to the oxidation of the melanin substance in the hair root, which gives its color to the hair, due to its contact with air. 
It is one of the most common skin problems. 
It is common among women and men.
It is most common in percentage.
It is frequently seen in areas where hair follicles are dense, such as the back, neck, nape and chest, especially in men.
They have a structure that is prone to inflammation.
Closed Comedones (White Spot)
Closed comedones, also known as sebaceous glands among the people, are white in color and the tip is closed under the skin, unlike blackheads, it cannot be emptied outward when squeezed. It is not noticeable under the skin, as it must grow until it reaches the visible stage. 
It is one of the most common skin problems.
It is observed intensely during adolescence.
It is almost equally common among men and women.
Incorrectly treated white comedones cause deep scars on the skin.
Papal comedones inherently do not become inflamed unless intervened, unless there is a viral contact.
Conditions that Trigger Comedones and Blackheads 
The deterioration of the pH balance of the skin is one of the main reasons for the formation of comedones, because the balance of sebum secretion is also disturbed due to the deterioration of the pD balance. The reasons for the deterioration of sebum balance can be listed as follows.
Wrong cosmetic products used for skin cleansing,  skin in response to harsh peels to clear blackheads,  It protects itself by producing more oil. 
Washing with very hot water and/or  Washing your face with hot water dries out the skin. The body responds to this dryness by increasing sebum secretion. As a result, lubrication occurs on the skin. 
During adolescence, the oil balance of the skin is shaken, and it is a period when sebum secretion works suddenly and excessively. 
Since hormonal disorders cause hair growth problems, the pores become open to the formation of comedones. 
It is known that nutritional disorders affect the oil balance of the skin, but it may not be for everyone. 
Hormonal disorders and other diseases due to excess weight cause comedones and other types of acne.
Long-term use of some drugs containing cortisone and synthetic hormones may have an effect on the functioning of the sebum sebaceous glands. 
Comedones Treatment Applications
Open comedones (blackheads)  peeling applied to the entire skin can cause the spread of comedones; In order to clean the white spots (closed comedones), the skin should be peeled with gentle peelings.  Open and closed comedones should be emptied by separate methods, black and white comedones  In this case, the open comedones are emptied first, then the skin is peeled with peeling and closed comedones are reached. 
Comedone cleaning should be done by professional hands. Squeezing with the wrong hand can cause major problems, ranging from scars on the skin to inflamed acne.

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