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The eyes are the strongest expression area on the face. For this reason, the treatment of under-eye bags and around the eyes is one of the most necessary treatments among facial rejuvenation applications.
From the moment it is applied, the facial expression becomes younger, the eyes become healthier and more vigorous. Long-term improvement is observed in under-eye bag problems, even when cosmetic treatments such as creams are used regularly. In addition, there are many cases where there is no recovery. Under-eye bag treatment; Medical aesthetic devices such as Pelleve Gold Iron, Radiofrequency and products with medical content such as Eyecell are applied with high success rates.
What Causes Under-Eye Bags?
With the loosening of the membrane tissue holding the fat bags under detention, the under-eye bags become evident. This situation, which is frequently encountered among young men and women, basically occurs for two reasons; The first is water retention and inflammation caused by genetic characteristics or nutrition, and the second is water retention and textural deformation caused by many habits, especially aging. We can list the reasons other than genetic reasons as follows;
Long hours in front of the screen.
Excessive salt consumption.

Kidney disorders, hormonal imbalances, circulatory disorders, vitamin and mineral deficiencies also cause under-eye bags. To prevent the formation of under-eye bags that are not caused by such ailments;
Your sleep should be regular and at least 7 hours.
You should drink 2.5 liters of water a day.
You should be protected from the sun and use sunglasses.
You should eat healthy and avoid salt consumption.
You should avoid alcohol and smoking.
You should help reduce the stress level of the body with sports and physical activity.
Under Eye Bag Treatment and Applications
Tired and sick expression caused by under-eye bags also negatively affects people's work and social life.
  Looking old, being dissatisfied with the image in the mirror, feeling old cause negative effects on one's spiritual and energy body. The bruised, darkened shadowy appearance and swollen, drooping eye bags under custody have become one of the common problems among both men and women from a much earlier age. Inconspicuous at first, the bags we try to camouflage with concealers can be treated before they become irritating. 
For those who are afraid of aesthetic eye surgery and want to get rid of under-eye bags without going under the knife, we can evaluate different under-eye bag treatment methods in two basic categories as radio frequency technologies-based treatments and medical products such as eyecell.


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