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Pore enlargement causes the skin to thicken, look oily and look older. Pore tightening treatment is applied to eliminate this problem. 
Pore reduction treatment covers all of the pore cleaning and tightening methods, which are generally used to relieve the discomfort caused by the enlargement of the pores, depending on the genetic structure of the skin. Large pores can occur at any age. It is possible to encounter pore enlargement in all skin types, it is observed among both women and men.
When the pores are enlarged, the skin loses its tightness, and the smooth and bright appearance is replaced by a shaded image depending on the skin type. The enlargement of pores in oily skin can cause a number of problems that make daily life difficult, such as excessive lubrication. In sensitive skin, pore enlargement that has been neglected for a long time can lead to elevations or pits on the skin surface. 
What is a Pore?
Pores are responsible for maintaining air flow and moisture balance between the layers of the skin. Each point where the hair follicles settle in the fat layer under the skin is a pore. The pores allow liquids containing oil and water produced in the lower layers of the skin to reach the skin surface. The sebum fluid, which is responsible for protecting the skin, covers the skin through the hair follicles and pores through the hairs. 
In order to have a healthy skin and stay young, it is important to keep the pores tight and clean. The ability of the skin to renew itself in its natural flow is also related to the conductivity of the pores. 
Why Do Pores Occur & Why Do Skin Pores Enlarge?
It is important for the pores to be clean and for the skin to breathe in a healthy and adequate amount. Otherwise, the skin will be deprived of oxygen. The skin enlarges the pores to allow it to breathe. Enlarged pores are easily filled with dirt, bodily secretions, dead skin particles and make-up residues. This situation, namely the enlargement of skin pores, is the starting point of a series of problems that will impair the health of the skin from face to face. 
Above and around the nose, cheeks, forehead, and pore enlargement are common areas. Apart from genetic reasons, we can list some reasons for the enlargement of pores as follows: 
Sleeping with makeup on your face. 
Exposure to the sun. 
Alcohol and smoking.
Using cosmetics and care products that are not suitable for the skin type. 
Using make-up in a way that causes the skin to be airless for a long time.
Gaining weight or eating too much fat.
How To Fix Porous Skin?
Thanks to applications such as carbon peeling, which is used for pore tightening, porous skin can be treated to a large extent. However, before these applications, it is necessary to clean the skin more accurately, “pore cleaning”.  It should be emphasized how important it is in pore tightening. 
For this reason, we can say that there are two important stages in the treatment of pores. The first of these is always deep skin cleansing. In order to tighten the pores, the skin should be cleaned regularly in all layers, in accordance with the skin type. Enlarged pores can easily become filled with dirt, sweat, oil and other environmental particles and cause acne and comedones, especially blackheads.
Pore Tightening and Cleaning 
Pore cleaning is a difficult care to do at home. You can damage your pores, deform them, and cause permanent damage. Professional multi-stage skin care is essential to clean the skin at pore size. 
Professional skin care, by acting on the layers of the skin sequentially. While it evacuates oil and dirt without damaging the pores, it removes them from the skin in a hygienic way. After this deep cleaning, the pores will tend to shrink. At this stage, it is possible to achieve a much more effective result when support is received from pore-tightening treatments.
As the pores are prevented from being filled, it may be possible for them to shrink. It is beneficial for everyone with porous skin to include medical skin care and regular pore cleaning in their care routines. 
Pore Tightening Treatments
your pores  growth causes the fluid that should remain under the skin to rise to the surface of the skin. This is due to excessive lubrication in the epidermis and the dermis and deeper tissues to repair and nourish the skin itself.  It results in a shortage of essential oils and minerals. 
While healthy and normal pore skin looks tight, taut and radiant, enlarged pores make the skin look lax and excessively oily or dull. Since many people are uncomfortable with this appearance, they seek pore tightening treatments.  but pore tightening treatments maintain skin health and provide anti-aging protection. 
Pore Tightening with Carbon Peeling: 
It is one of the most effective methods used in pore tightening. While the carbon mask applied to the face is removed from the skin with the help of laser, the dead skin is peeled off, the black spots are removed by laser, and the skin undergoes a deep purification and regeneration. The emptied pores begin to shrink during the skin regeneration process.
Pore Tightening with Dermapen:
Dermapen is one of the most used applications for pore tightening. It can also be used safely on young skin. Its results are permanent and it renews the skin in the most natural way. Pores stimulated by micro needles; It shrinks in a short time thanks to the collagen cells activated under the skin and the hyaluronic acid and serums used during the application.
Pore Tightening with Chemical Peeling: 
It is possible to shrink the pores by peeling the epidermis with chemical peeling, which has superficial, medium and deep peeling levels. Depending on how enlarged the pores are, the degree of application of chemical peeling can be selected. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Pore Tightening 
1. How much are the pore tightening prices?
Pore tightening prices vary from person to person, depending on the method to be used, the number of sessions and the severity of pore enlargement. Although it is not possible to give a price, we can say that it is possible to create a formula suitable for every budget among the existing applications.
2. What are the pore tightening methods in oily skin?
Since oily skin is more flexible, the pores continue to loosen as oil continues. This is why the porous skin structure is generally common among oily skins. As the skin gets oily, the pores get bigger, and as the pores get bigger, the oiliness increases. In oily skin, pore tightening treatments can be combined with medical skin care and sebum balance treatments such as Hydrafacial.
3. What can be done for pore tightening in sensitive skin?
Skin sensitivity is the subject of dermatology, it has many causes and different types. If there is both skin sensitivity and pore enlargement at the same time, the cause of the sensitivity should be determined first. Then, the dermatologist and skin specialist can decide together the most appropriate pore tightening treatments.
4. What should be considered so that the pores do not expand?
Pore structure, like many things, depends on genetic inheritance. If the pores have a tendency to enlarge, it is useful to pay special attention to pore cleaning. The first rule is to pay attention to the deep cleaning of the skin so that the pores do not enlarge. Most importantly, prevent the pores from clogging.

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