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Eyelash Lamination & Eyebrow Lamination is a type of care that is applied on your own eyelashes and eyebrows, protects the hair against external effects by laminating the hair, nourishes the hair, gives volume, lengthens and thickens it thanks to the Vitamins, Keratin and Proteins it contains. to the application; It starts with shaping the hair structure. Next steps; volumizing, nourishing, fixing, optional dyeing and finally, it is finished by fortifying with botox (intense nourishing) oil containing growth factor. It is recommended not to touch water for 12 hours after the application. Its durability is about 2 months. With regular application, it has been observed that the hairs become stronger and longer. It is one of the most trending applications today for stunning and beautiful looks.
Application time: 60 minutes

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