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Pelleve gold ironing is an advanced skin rejuvenation method in which radiofrequency energies and precious healing gold element are used together.
Pelleve gold iron, which is one of the FDA-approved medical skin care systems that is used safely all over the world, has a very popular place among medical aesthetic applications. 
You can get rid of the tired facial expression that even young women commonly complain about today, with Pelleve gold iron, and you can instantly have a revitalized and refreshed skin. Thanks to the golden iron, which is one of the most preferred applications among non-surgical facial rejuvenation systems, it is possible to challenge time. The golden iron, which we have achieved very effective results in skin tightening, allows you to regain the facial features that have been lost over time. The application we use to create a natural jawline effect by defining the jawline; successfully in removing common skin sagging such as jowl lift, youth point sharpening and droopy eyelids.  used. 
What is a Gold Iron?
Pelleve's gold iron, which is heated with advanced radiofrequency energies, is circulated on the skin surface and irons the skin like a fabric.  It provides the opening of wrinkles, tightening of the pores and thus the skin, and revitalization of the skin due to the activation of blood circulation. The golden ironing application, which we have achieved very effective results on sagging caused by loss of elasticity, has no harm to the skin.  It is an extremely light application that is painless and painless, without the need to use even a local anesthetic cream. Although it is such a light application, Pelleve Gold Iron, which we are very satisfied with the results, is suitable for all ages and all skin types. A comfortable operation that can be applied in all seasons  It is one of the reasons why it has a special place in device skin rejuvenation systems.  we can say. 
Gold iron, which is preferred by those who want to rejuvenate without going under the knife, is the application that many people who do not like needle systems are looking for. 
To list what we can do in skin rejuvenation with forehead ironing;
Non-surgical facial rejuvenation.
Skin rejuvenation.
Non-surgical face tightening.
Low eyelid treatment.
Neck, jowl and décolleté rejuvenation.
Hand rejuvenation.
Frequently Asked Questions About Pelleve Gold Iron

1. Are Pelleve results permanent?
Gold ironing is a long-lasting application like all other methods that renew the skin by triggering collagen production. Repeating 1-2 times a year increases the permanence of Pelleve.

2. Where is the Pelleve gold iron used?
The whole face, eyes and area around the eyes, neck and jowl, décolleté area, hands are the application areas of golden iron.

3. How many sessions of ironing should I do?
The number of sessions varies according to the age of the person and the needs of the skin. A single session may be effective and sufficient, or we may prefer 4-session plans.

4. How much are Pelleve gold ironing prices?
A separate pricing can be made for the entire face, for example only for low eyelid treatment. You can contact our clinic for detailed information about gold ironing prices.

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