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Pumpkin Peel (Pumpkin Care)

Natural pumpkin extract is rich in nutritional value for skin cells. Beneficial minerals and trace elements are the same as human plasma.
Pumpkin, which is rich in alpha hydroxy acid, amino acids and enzymes in Pumkin peel (pumpkin care), is also widely used in skin care. Alfo hydroxy acid, which increases the regeneration rate of cells, helps the skin to gain a youthful appearance, while giving softness to the skin.
After skin care with pumpkin, it purifies the top layer of your skin, helps to remove the spots on your skin, and also helps to treat freckles. After the skin is purified from dead cells, your skin will be renewed and your skin imperfections will be minimized.
Pumpkin peel, the main ingredient of which is pumpkin, renews your skin and provides regeneration of cells against skin dryness, aging and acne problems. It gives your skin glow and enlightenment even in the first session.

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