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While laser tattoo removal is done with a Q-Switch laser focusing on dark pigments, in some cases Fractional laser is used to close the tone difference.
Laser tattoo removal was almost impossible until recently, removal processes were not as successful as now, but now both easy and very effective results are obtained. Thanks to laser tattoo removal applications, which are often used by many people recently, it is possible to get rid of tattoos that you do not want, that do not make sense, that are outdated, that you do not like to have on your body for whatever reason, with tattoo removal. Number of sessions, tattoo removal prices, what kind of result will be obtained as a result of the procedure, which laser system should be used at which wavelength; the size, color of the tattoo to be erased,  Although it varies according to the type and quality of the ink used, laser tattoo removal is an application that we usually get satisfactory results with.
Tattoo and Tattoo Removal
The history of tattoos is very old and in many cultures, it has a traditional side as communities use it to mark themselves, to indicate some social status. We cannot say that the existence of this old, ancient art, which is used for many different purposes, has been interrupted, but we can say that it is both developed and changed and more popular from time to time.
Today, getting a tattoo is quite common and has a fashion in itself. Although symbols, flowers, geometric drawings are timeless tattoos, they may want to have them removed because they are poorly drawn or because they no longer like them over time. Laser tattoo removal works wonders for those who want to have their old-fashioned tattoos of dark colors and black tones removed because they want bright, vibrant and colorful tattoos. Tattoos with the names of lovers, spouses or dates such as birthday, anniversary; novice bad tattoos; tattoos that need to be deleted because they cause problems in business life; We can say that we often do tattoo removal.
How could tattoo be removed by laser?
Laser beams, which have been used safely for years with their adjustable wavelength, are used for removing problems such as epilation, blackhead treatment, skin spots, as they do not damage the skin while only being retained by the dark pigment. 
Since the tattoo consists of dark pigments trapped in the skin, it is perceived by laser beams as melanin or blackheads that give color to the hair root. Thus, the tattoo ink dispersed by the laser beams that hit the dark pigment directly without damaging the skin, decomposes in the body's waste disposal systems and disappears.  
Laser Tattoo Removal Application
The appropriate laser system with a wavelength that changes according to the darkness of the tattoo is selected with the appropriate cap. Half an hour before the procedure, local anesthetic cream is applied on the tattoo to be removed. The number of sessions varies according to the size and darkness of the tattoo, and there may be cases where the skin type determines the process. For example, some leathers may be more absorbent and some may tend to vomit more color, so it may be necessary to see the first session to make the right decision. 
Just like when a tattoo is done, it is normal for the skin to swell after tattoo removal. Pomade is used for a few days, it is necessary to keep the application area moist, avoid contact with water and exposure to the sun.  It is important to avoid it, otherwise a stain or scar may remain. There may be a color difference in the skin that comes out from under the removed tattoo, and after healing, the tone difference will equalize with the common tone of the skin over time.
Laser tattoo removal application does not have any difficulties other than taking care of the treated area for a day or two. You do not need to take a break from social or work life. The frequency of application varies between 2-4 weeks. Depending on the width of the area where the tattoo spreads, the darkness of the color and the reaction of the skin type to the tattoo removal process, a personalized protocol is followed. 

Tattoo Removal with Q-Switch Laser:
The Q Switch laser, which allows us to achieve great results in dark tattoos, erases black and tones tattoos using a wavelength of 1064 nm. It operates at a wavelength of 532 nm to erase tones that are lighter than red. Just like keeping dark hair follicles more comfortable in laser epilation, laser tattoo removal is more successful when it comes to dark colored tattoos in tattoo removal. As the color becomes lighter, it becomes more difficult for the laser beams to capture and break up the pigment as the contrast decreases. 
The depth of the tattoo is one of the factors that seriously determine the success of tattoo removal. Tattoos that have been processed in layers that are too deep may take some time to be erased. Q-Switch laser is used as the most effective laser in tattoo removal, depending on many factors such as skin structure, type of dye used, type of tattoo and age. 
Frequently Asked Questions About Laser Tattoo Removal
1. Are all tattoos completely erased?
If you are imagining an image as if you have never been tattooed, this is unlikely, but in many applications, the tattoo is 90% removed. If you look carefully, it can still be understood that a tattoo has been done before. Tattoos that are more superficial, such as a name, date or symbol, that the person does not want to carry anymore, usually tattooed with black paint, which are in the group of tattoos that are most often erased, can be removed to a large extent by laser tattoo removal.
2. In how many sessions is the tattoo removed?
A small tattoo can be removed in 1 or 2 sessions. It can take up to 6 sessions to remove a large, deep and multicolored tattoo. The number of sessions varies according to the size, color, depth of operation, and how many years of the tattoo to be removed.
3. How long does laser tattoo removal take?
Just as the duration of getting a small tattoo and a tattoo that will cover the entire shoulder is different, the duration of tattoo removal increases or decreases in the same way. It may take 5 minutes, or it may take an hour. For the comfort of the patient in the removal of very large tattoos, the procedure is not done in one go, but in dividing.
4. Is laser tattoo removal harmful?
Laser beams have been used in medical technology for years, safely and in many different areas. There is no idea or information that non-ionized rays are harmful to human health. Tattoo removal with the FDA approved Q Switch Laser is an extremely safe application.

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