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What is the Q-Switched Laser application?
Q-switch application, a product of laser technology, breaks down the melanin pigments in the skin with the Nd-YAG laser system. Shrinking melanin pigments are destroyed by our cells over time. Q-Switched laser application is used in areas such as spot treatment, tattoo removal and feather bleaching. It does not cause crusting and skin peeling. It is suitable for all skin types. It can be applied in all seasons.
How is the Q-Switched Laser applied?
Before the procedure, skin analysis is performed and the skin is purified from make-up and cream. This process provides detailed skin analysis.  As a result, it can be used as a spot treatment method, as well as for hair bleaching. In particular, hair removal is recommended instead of epilation for skin that is stained after facial epilation. If an application is made for stains, 4 sessions are applied consecutively at one-week intervals. Since it is not an aggressive method, the application is repeated after certain intervals. In this way, the darkening of the spots is controlled. The repetition of the session differs according to the hair structure of the person in the process performed for the purpose of hair bleaching. The hair bleaching process is repeated every 1-2 months on average.
What should be considered after the application?
On the same day, it is necessary to stay away from the sun's rays.
It is recommended to use sunscreen.

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