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It is also called skin ironing method with radiofrequency. It is done by giving heat to the skin. The expert esthetician gives vacuum, heat and radiofrequency waves to the skin with a device he moves on the skin. The feeling of high heat provides tightening of the collagen in the skin. In the ironing method, the person gets the result as soon as he leaves the session and can return to his daily life immediately.  It is a convenient, comfortable and extremely safe application. There is no need for someone to accompany the patient with you. Results are the same for any skin tone.
It is also effective in increasing the collagen structure of the subcutaneous tissue while compressing the collagen substance in the lower layer. It is equivalent to 6 sessions to see that your skin is completely free of wrinkles in the ironing method. Of course, this is a matter of age. In the young age group, the effect is seen even at the first time.

There is no gender limit for this method.  Skin ironing is a rejuvenation method that we can easily apply to both women and men and get very effective results. Face ironing - Rejuvenation with Radio Frequency is actually a non-surgical aesthetic method. The use of radio frequency waves for skin rejuvenation and treatment of wrinkles on the skin is called facial ironing. This technique is one of the harmless, safe and precise methods that provide skin aesthetics with radio frequency.

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