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Dead skin and sebum fluid accumulating inside the pore oxidizes when it comes into contact with air. Blackhead removal removes these tiny spots from the skin. 
The biggest difference from acne is that blackheads appear suddenly. While acne draws our attention to the formation processes such as swelling, pain or redness under the skin, we often do not even notice the formation of blackheads. The most common mistake that is usually made occurs at this stage; As soon as we realize it, we approach the mirror and squeeze the small black dot, we want to get rid of it immediately. Sometimes the result can be so easy, there is a possibility that annoying images will appear.
Why is expert support and treatment important in blackhead cleaning? Because as soon as we realize, we squeeze between our nails.
  Blackheads will continue to appear in the same place over and over again, and they can also cause some skin problems: 
Pore deformation.
Skin spot.
Pore inflammation.
Deep pit tracks.
It's important to be gentle with blackheads to avoid causing such damage. Squeezing dry skin by hand damages the pore structure and causes bacteria to be carried into the pores. This means more blackheads and more acne.
What is Blackhead?
The reason why it is called open comedones with its dermatological name is because acne and whiteheads are covered while blackheads are open. When the skin cannot evacuate the dead skin from the pore during the self-renewal phase, it combines with the sebum liquid from the sebaceous glands in the hair root and creates blackheads.
The sebum liquid, which moisturizes and nourishes the skin, is produced in the sebaceous glands under the pores and reaches the skin surface through the hair follicle located in the pore. The sebum that spreads on the skin surface also forms the protective layer of the skin and does this through the hairs. With the effect of melanin pigment, the black substance found in the hair root and giving its color to the hair, the contact of all this oil and dead cell mixture with oxygen in the upper part of the pore causes a kind of burning reaction. Blackhead is the name we give to this oxidized clear acne.
It can occur anywhere on the body; Unfortunately, it is not possible to get rid of constantly regenerating blackheads in the neck, back, arms, shoulders and chest area without a pore-tightening blackhead removal treatment. Black dots can also be found on the cheeks, but usually black dots are collected in areas of the face with dense hair roots:
Above and around the nose.
Between the eyebrows, how many around and forehead.
What Causes Blackheads?
It is a common skin problem that is observed in almost everyone, although it does not have a specific cause. Enlarged pores are closer to forming blackheads. As it is related to the shedding of dead skin, it is frequently encountered in young skins, and because of the difficulty of removing the shed skin due to aging, blackhead density is also present in older skin. The main reasons that trigger the formation of blackheads can be listed as follows:

Pore enlargement.
Changes in sebum structure due to hormonal changes.
Excessive sebum production.
Birth control pills and other drugs containing synthetic hormones.
Exposure to sunlight for a long time.
Incorrect use of cosmetics.
Using alcohol and smoking.
How is the Blackhead Passed?
Blackheads do not go away until the blackheads are removed from the pore, the pore is tightened and the sebum balance of the skin is re-established. Therefore, only applications to remove existing blackheads are temporary solutions. Most of the time, they cause more blackheads to form or existing blackheads become more prominent.
To prevent blackhead formation:
Do not disrupt your daily skin cleansing routine.
Avoid concealers that clog pores.
Choose skin care products that contain salicylic acid.
Pay attention to your nutritional balance.
Consume enough water.
Avoid stress as much as possible.
Get regular medical skin care every month.
How to Clean Blackhead?
Generally, it is tried to deal with the blackhead removal issue at home until it reaches very advanced dimensions. The most accurate method is to get expert support without damaging the skin and pores. The important thing is that after removing the blackheads from the pore in the most accurate way, according to the structure of the skin.
  to use ingredients to treat and to tighten and narrow the pores. There are many blackhead removal methods. In order to talk about these, we can collect them under two main headings: 
Blackhead Removal Treatments
Blackhead cleaning is the basis of professional skin care because we do not want to see blackheads on a well-groomed skin. Acne, closed-open comedones, which will cast a shadow on the glow of the skin, are among the first things to be eliminated in skin care.
Medical Skin Care:
Medical skin care black, which is a multi-stage professional skin cleansing and regeneration application.
  It is a manual skin care system with the best results in spot cleaning. 
From the epidermis to the deep tissues, pore evacuation is performed on the skin, which is gradually cleaned. Afterwards, the application is completed with ingredients suitable for the skin type to prevent the formation of blackheads.
Black with regular medical skin care once a month
  dots can leave. You can have a glowing complexion.  

It is a device skin cleaning, regeneration and repair system. It is carried out without touching, with vacuumed, disposable special caps.
Using peelings with various forms and ingredients, cleaning blackheads locally is another medical blackhead removal treatment. Extremely deep or very small frequent black spots can be supported with medical skin care or local peeling in addition to the use of systems such as Hydrafacial. In this way, you can achieve smooth and clear skin in a much shorter time and more effectively.
Frequently Asked Questions About Blackhead Removal
1. How to tighten blackhead?
During multi-stage medical care, in which products suitable for skin type are used by beauticians, it should be squeezed by hand, with the help of vacuum systems and / or blackhead cleaner tool.
2. How to get rid of blackheads on the nose?
It is possible to get rid of blackheads in the nose thanks to many alternatives such as regular skin care, blackhead cleaning at home, blackhead mask and nasal strips.


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