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In just a few sessions with Snowcell, your skin will be illuminated and you will have a radiant look.
  will meet.
This care, which is the choice of Hollywood celebrities, will prepare you quickly with 5 different functions before an important invitation, wedding and such a time you envy:

1) bleaching
2) regenerates the skin
3) Provides wrinkle repair
4) nourish the skin
5) Increases immunity

Snowcell makes your skin brighter, more moist and more elastic with pure vitamin C, arbutin, glucosidase, kojic acid, AHA peeling, each session lasts 40 minutes. Ginseng components and Indian betachia extract play an active role in lightening the color of your skin. In addition, ginseng root ferment filtrate increases the immunity of the skin. While growth factors renew your skin, it provides anti-aging care with peptides.

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