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facial rejuvenation; It is all of the applications that create an anti-aging effect on the face by using radiofrequency, dermocosmetic products or laser technologies.
Thanks to non-surgical facial rejuvenation applications, which provide effective and permanent results with medical aesthetic applications, it is now much easier and more comfortable for women and men to stay young. Skin rejuvenation with aesthetic surgery is expensive due to the high costs of surgical procedures,
Non-surgical skin rejuvenation and anti-aging applications such as laser facial rejuvenation, radiofrequency skin care are advantageous in many respects because,
It is a seamless, seamless, traceless process.
It does not require local or general anesthesia.
After many procedures, you can continue your social life from where you left off.
They are natural rejuvenation methods, not aesthetic interventions.
Does not cause mimic loss.
They are long-lasting processes.
It is a low cost, affordable procedure.
Facial Rejuvenation with Radiofrequency and Ultrasound Technologies

They are the most natural skin rejuvenation methods that trigger collagen production by causing limited damage on the subcutaneous tissues, allowing the skin to self-repair and rejuvenate. 
Gold Iron
Pelleve Gold Iron, which combines the healing and beautifying power of gold mine with radiofrequency technology, is one of the most popular applications among facial rejuvenation methods. The heat sent by radio frequency waves triggers the production of collagen under the skin (dermis), allowing the skin to regain its lost elasticity, while ironing applied to the epidermis helps the skin to tighten from the deep to the surface, making facial contours more prominent.
Pelleve Gold Iron; It is a painless method, it can be planned between 1 and 8 sessions.
Dermo needles, which are used at a certain angle, open channels that can reach the deep tissue without damaging the surface of the skin. Selected serums are delivered to the deep tissue through the channels to support the collagen cells that are activated to repair the injury created by the micro-needles.
Anti-Aging with Laser Technology Methods
Laser technologies alone
  or combined with other methods that allow us to achieve great results in skin rejuvenation. 
Q-Switch Laser
Carbon peeling is a popular laser application that is used to remove brown spots on the skin due to aging.

PINK PEEL (Estrogen Care)
PRX ( Radiance and Anti - Aging Care)
OXGENEO (Oxygen Care)
Gulutathione Forll'd Care
Salmon DNA Care
Gold Care
HYA Moisture and Anti Aging care
Numerous options are available in our institution.
Frequently Asked Questions about Facial Rejuvenation
1. What is the best facial rejuvenation method?
The most accurate skin rejuvenation method is the method chosen according to the reason why the skin looks old. It may be necessary to use other methods for sagging, other methods for spots, and other methods for pigmentation problems.
2. How can I choose the skin care method that suits me?
Patients usually come to our institution with a preliminary idea or contact us because they know best what they are uncomfortable with about their skin. However, we recommend that you contact our experts for the most accurate determination.


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